Client Reviews

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Vikram Singh Jeena, Punjab

September 2017

I was searching for a performance exhaust which have nice bassy sound, and a good quality which enhance my "Thunderbull's" performance and also look great, then one day I have seen the khalidaro's cannon performance exhaust in one of my friends bullet. The first day I saw this exhaust and drive the bullet, I really fell in love with the sound and performance of the bullet and look was also Amazing. Then I decided to purchase that one. I have searched a lot in internet. Then I found and call to the khalidaro's company. They welcome me very well I ordered the cannon performance exhaust. Then after 4 days I got the exhaust and fitted it to my Thunderbull's. Believe me I again fell in love with that sound and performance of the bike. Really it's a very good performance exhaust. Although it is costly then other exhaust but really you will have a good deal. It is heavy and made of rust free material. They provide life time rust free warranty. And the good thing is that this product is serviceable. Wow. I will definitely recommend this product to everyone. Thanks to khalidaro's team for making this type of product, and special thank to customer care person who clear all my doubt. Thank you very much

Manish Chorge, Maharashtra

Bike Model : Thunderbird 350

Jan 2018

My Thunderbird with Canon performance exhaust. This exhaust is on my beast since 12 months now and it’s been roaring after service from Khalidaro workshop in Mumbai.

Karan Valecha, Maharashtra

Bike Model : Classic 350

Janury 2018

Even before I wanted the Royal Enfield I wanted this silencer and finally the dream came true. The best sounding silencer ever made. No one can beat this.

Abhijeet Mali, Maharashtra

October 2017

Its one of the wonderful starting. Whenever I was listing that, then I just feel, that one is my heartbeat.

Ganesh Shingan, Pandharpur

November 2017

Sounds like heart beats, feel the soul of nature.

Dr. Nikshai P.K., Uttar Pradesh

December 2017

Yes the name says it all "C A N N O N" base of the mountains, power full enough to turn others head towards u, best product in the market available now, I have covered one of the India's most dangerous road the might "S A C H P A S S" yes the Khalidaro cannon helped me a lot crossing the mountains and dangerous waterlogs by delivering the high amount of power... Cannon wakes up the mountain... "Proud owner of the KHALIDARO CANNON"

Sambitrajan Samal, Bhubaneswar

Product : Cannon Performance Exhaust

December 2017

This is my Khalidaro performance exhaust cannon which was installed on 1st June . The sound is so amazing that i can hardly believe my ears. .the sound is very different from thr others,it is even better than redrooster, anyday. I'd say cannon is the best choice for royalenfield.its cost may be high but the money is worth it. Its is better not to put ordinary exhaust in ur bike cause it may harm ur bike engine . It increased the performance of the bike and my mileage's not yet affected. Loved it.